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  • Robert Avossa, former Superintendent of the 11th largest school district in the United States, provides an additional layer of expert guidance to you through LRP’s hundreds of education newsletters, books, pamphlets, videos, audio conferences, eLearning courses, online services and training tools.
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The education community’s most trusted source for
practical and legal guidance for over 30 years


All education professionals—whether teacher, administrator, paraprofessional, or other stakeholder — play a vital role in boosting student achievement, but face a myriad of legal requirements in getting it done.

LRP's resources dissect the what, why and how of education laws. Real-world implementation ideas supported by compliance guidance explain districts' obligations under the IDEA, ADA, Section 504, ESSA/Title I, and FERPA, plus the best ways to satisfy them.

And just as the law continually evolves, so do our resources through the use of technology — so our customers get the knowledge, tools and guidance they need in the format they want.











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