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Accommodating and Managing
Federal Employees With
Mental and Intellectual Disabilities

Presented by Joseph Kaplan
Thursday, September 13, 2018 • 12 - 1:30 p.m. ET
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The EEOC expects the Federal Government to be a model employer of individuals with disabilities. This webinar will get your agency closer to that goal by outlining the essential requirements of employing individuals with mental and intellectual disabilities and delivering expert guidance to address reasonable accommodation and other management concerns while staying EEO compliant.

Major Content Areas:

  • Determining if a person with a mental or intellectual impairment is an individual with a disability protected by the Rehabilitation Act
  • Pre-employment processes
  • Reasonable accomodations
  • Safety concerns
  • Treatment of individuals with mental or intellectual disabilities
Training Takeaways:
  • Determine when and how medical information can be requested
  • Start a discussion about reasonable accommodation if a conduct issue seems to be disability-related
  • Engage in a meaningful interactive process that will more likely lead to an effective accommodation
  • Recognize the steps you can and should take if you reasonably perceive an employee with a mental disability poses a safety threat
  • Navigate the conflict between EEOC and OPM regulations concerning Fitness for Duty exams
Plus, you’ll learn how to address unusual requests for accommodation, such as emotional support animals, empowering you with a toolbox of strategies to handle any request that comes up.
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